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Topics of Interest

Dealing with Drought

Resource for producers across the country who are affected by drought.

Country-of-Origin Labeling

Information about country-of-origin labeling, and what it means for cattlemen.

Aim High

Information on how to capture added value by setting higher quality and profit goals.

Angus International

A platform for global information sharing spanning the worldwide Angus industry.

Beef Cow Efficiency

Perhaps the greatest single factor affecting your profitability as a beef producer.

Body Condition Scoring

Use body condition scores (BCS) to improve herd nutrition and efficiency.



























Angus Productions Inc.

December 19, 2008


Welcome to the Angus Beef Bulletin Extra. As publishers of Angus Beef Bulletin®, we at Angus Productions Inc. (API) join with the American Angus Association® and Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) to broaden our commitment to the commercial cattleman. Click here to learn more about API's newest e-mail news service, Angus Beef Bulletin Extra, or to sign up for the free service if you have not already done so.

Gretchen Yeo

Adding Value with Carcass Quality

For the husband-and-wife team of Ed and Gretchen Yeo, focusing on carcass quality is a given. “It is a natural thing,”Gretchen says. “In our whole operation, both crops and livestock, we look for ways to add value.”

That’s no surprise, as Ed works in finance and Gretchen had a career as an economist before taking over the management of their cattle operation.

The only real surprise is the location of the cattle enterprise. While the historic farm’s headquarters is a postcard setting in northeastern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania, the cattle now graze in the hog country of North Carolina’s coastal plain. Oh yeah, and they are finished in Kansas. But that’s getting ahead of the story. Read more.

The Angus Connection in Hereford

Scott Keeling wants the best in performance and carcass quality from cattle that don’t waste time or feed. His Keeling Cattle Feeders yard, licensed with Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) for little more than a year, sets a great example for those goals. Read more.

Ty Groshans

Ty Groshans

Association Perspective

Heifers: Retain or buy?

That is the question! Every producer’s situation is different and complex in regard to effectively answering it. The lists of advantages and disadvantages can be very long and extensive.

Financial position of the operation has to be the first consideration, calculating profitability in regard to current markets, costs of gain and pasture costs. To assist producers with this calculation, Cattle-Fax has put together a replacement heifer cost estimate. Read more.

ARBCS Trade Show

Applied Reproductive
Strategies Symposium

Nearly 200 producers, veterinarians, researchers, artificial insemination (AI) technicians and Extension specialists met in Fort Collins, Colo., Dec. 2-3 to discuss ways to control and improve reproductive success in beef cattle. Presentations at the “Robert E. Taylor Memorial Symposium: Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle”ranged from improving pregnancy rates in natural-service programs to opportunities for using DNA technology to improve reproductive efficiency.

Visit the symposium newsroom at for summaries of the presentations, along with accompanying PowerPoint and audio files.

The symposium is co-sponsored by Colorado State University and the Beef Reproduction Task Force, which is comprised of Extension animal scientists from Kansas State University, the University of Nebraska, South Dakota State University, Iowa State University, the University of Idaho, the University of Illinois, the University of Florida and the University of Missouri with support from several industry sponsors.

Online coverage of the symposium is provided by Angus Productions Inc.


The 30-Year Challenge

Agriculture’s Strategic Role in Feeding and Fueling a Growing World

By the year 2040 the world’s population is forecast to reach almost 9 billion people, about one-third greater than today. Incomes are rising, particularly in many developing nations, bringing changes in dietary preferences and greater demand for agriculture to provide food and energy. All this will increase pressure on and competition for natural resources at a time when the impacts of climate change on agricultural production systems are not yet fully understood.

The new Farm Foundation report — “The 30-Year Challenge: Agriculture’s Strategic Role in Feeding and Fueling a Growing World”— released Dec. 4 examines issues agriculture and policy makers may face in addressing the challenge of providing food, fiber and energy to a growing world. Click here to read the report.