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2009 Ultrasound Technicians
A list of UGC-certified technicians 
approved to submit ultrasound images to central processing labs.


Topics of Interest

Dealing with Drought

Resource for producers across the country who are affected by drought.

Country-of-Origin Labeling

Information about country-of-origin labeling, and what it means for cattlemen.

Aim High

Information on how to capture added value by setting higher quality and profit goals.

Angus International

A platform for global information sharing spanning the worldwide Angus industry.

Beef Cow Efficiency

Perhaps the greatest single factor affecting your profitability as a beef producer.

Body Condition Scoring

Use body condition scores (BCS) to improve herd nutrition and efficiency.






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February 20, 2009

calves & hay

Best Beginnings
Good endings start with solid beginnings. If you want to give baby calves the best opportunity to flourish, start them out on the right hoof with this list of calving priorities from Extension beef specialists. Read more.


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News Flash:

Vilsack Calls for Stricter Food Labels

According to The Associated Press (AP), the Obama administration plans to tighten up requirements for country-of-origin labeling (COOL) rules approved during the last days of the Bush administration. To read more, visit the Marketing Page.

Beef Demand Study:
Focus on Product Convenience, Nutrition, Safety
A comprehensive study conducted by agricultural economists at K-State and Michigan State University (MSU) revealed areas in which the beef industry can concentrate its efforts to strengthen beef demand, despite a sagging global and U.S. economy. “A lot of what’s happened with the recent slowdown in demand is due to macroeconomics,”James Mintert, agricultural economist with K-State Research and Extension, said. “Much of this is out of the (beef) industry’s control, but there are things the industry can work on to reinforce demand and prepare for a rebound when the economy starts to recover.”Read more.

Breeders Aggressive Against AM

Angus breeders testing to eliminate AM from the gene pool.

Thank goodness for the technological advances available today.

With a test commercialized within four months of identifying the possibility of a genetic defect and five labs now available to provide testing, Angus breeders have in place the tools necessary to eliminate the propagation of the arthrogryposis multiplex (AM) defect.

And that’s just what they are doing. Read more.

Ty Groshans

Ty Groshans

Association Perspective

Technical support team

Do you have a technical support team? Who do you rely on to get the information you need to continue to be successful with your operation?

Communicating with experts in the beef industry and seeking out knowledge of new technologies available will assist producers in making decisions to stay profitable to ensure success for many years. Building a team of experts can generate new ideas, new ways to operate and even new marketing outlets for your cattle. Read more.

Tax Deadline Nears for Producers

Staying up to date on tax items will help producers prepare their returns accurately.
As tax return preparation gets under way, agricultural producers need to take a close look at some tax preparation items.

“Staying up to date on these items will help producers prepare their returns accurately,”says Ron Haugen, NDSU Extension Service farm economist. “Producers have until March 2 to file their returns without penalty. If they made an estimated tax payment by Jan. 15, they have until April 15 to file.”Read more.

hay supply

Plan Now to Find Hay Substitutes

Don’t wait until hay supplies run out to find other feeds.

This winter’s extreme cold and heavy snow have begun to take their toll on already short hay supplies, warns Greg Lardy, North Dakota State University (NDSU) Extension Service beef cattle specialist.

Cows are consuming 30% to 40% more hay than normal in some situations as they try to maintain body weight during the cold weather. This has resulted in smaller-than-normal hay supplies and is causing many producers to worry about having enough hay to get through the winter. “Now is the time to take steps to deal with this situation.”Lardy says. Read more.

BIF Symposium Nears

Sacramento, Calif., will provide the backdrop for the 2009 Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Annual Research Symposium and Annual Meeting April 30-May 3. The California Cattlemen’s Association and the California Beef Cattle Improvement Association will host the event.

For a complete schedule or to register, visit

Coverage expanded at
More than 70 articles and several photo galleries are now available at, the web site devoted to coverage of the 2009 Cattle Industry Annual Convention and NCBA Trade Show compiled by Angus Productions Inc. (API).

Visit the newsroom now for coverage of award winners, committee action, production tips from the Cattlemen’s College® and products highlighted in the trade show, including genetic products that were unveiled.

Visit the Links page of for access to other meeting coverage provided by API and links to information sites for body condition scoring, country-of-origin labeling, beef cow efficiency and more.

For more information on other upcoming industry meetings, use the link in the right-hand column of this page.