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September 20, 2010
cattle at feedbunk

Association Perspective

Angus feed efficiency selection tool: RADG

Feed consumption has long been recognized as one of the most important factors in determining profitability of beef cattle production. For many years, producers and the scientific community have attempted to accumulate individual feed intake data in enough volume to allow for genetic selection of more efficient animals. Most of these past efforts involved small numbers of animals and were limited in how the data could be applied. More recently, technology has improved with development of feed intake measuring systems that readily allow for collection of individual feed consumption data on large groups of animals. Read more.

Association Releases FE Selection Tool

New EPD for feed efficiency will be provided on a weekly basis.

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 21, Angus breeders will have access to the industry's latest advancement in selecting animals for feed efficiency — the residual average daily gain expected progeny difference (RADG EPD).

The American Angus Association and Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) will introduce the RADG EPD, which characterizes postweaning efficiency differences in future progeny of Angus breeding stock. The new EPD capitalizes on the use of individual feed intake data, a sizable growth database in Angus cattle, and the latest genomic technology. Read more.

An Open Letter to Angus Producers from
CAB President John Stika

Angus cattle have never been more relevant to every facet of the U.S. beef industry than they are today. That's because the American Angus Association® took steps more than 30 years ago to plan for this future. As members, you invested heavily in statistical tools and evaluation programs to improve Angus genetics and guide you toward profit as the industry rightly evolved from the commodity to a more consumer-focused mentality. The foresight to include consumers in breed development, while others did not, served you well. Pull-through demand for the premium brand you own — the Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand — led the way to value-added opportunities for all who produce the leading value-added cattle, namely Angus.

Despite the dominant brand position CAB
® maintains in the nation's beef industry, it has never been considered appropriate to establish a policy on industry-wide political issues, given our Association ownership. This occasion regarding the pending rules change from USDA's Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) is consistent with that past. At the same time, an advisory is warranted to alert you to carefully consider all direct and unintended consequences. This advisory comes because of the new rules' potentially disproportionate impact on Angus cattle and those who have worked hard to add value through their consumer-focused programs. Read the entire letter.

Your Health

National Farm Safety and Health Week

In a typical year, 551 workers die while doing agricultural work in the United States and about 88,000 suffer lost-time injuries. Most of these incidents are preventable.
National Farm Safety and Health Week (Sept. 19-25) recognizes the hazardous nature of the agriculture industry and promotes awareness of safety solutions. This annual event was initiated by the National Safety Council (NSC) in 1944 and proclaimed as such by each U.S. president since.

In conjunction with the weeklong observance, the National Institute for Farm Safety (NIFS) is sharing its collective expertise with an updated list of farm safety and health professionals. Robert "Chip" Petrea, an Extension specialist in agricultural safety and health at the University of Illinois, and secretary of NIFS, said "This list consists of members of NIFS who have agreed to serve as contacts for agricultural safety and health issues, in order to provide access to local professionals. The list is alphabetized by state and includes a contact name, the contact's institution or organization, phone number and e-mail."

The list can be found on the NIFS website at There will also be a link to the list from the website of the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS) NECAS is the agricultural partner for the NSC, and has developed a variety of other safety articles and public service announcements on this year's theme for National Farm Safety and Health Week, ATVs: Work Smart, Ride Safe.

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In this September edition of the Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA, you'll find valuable articles devoted to the management, marketing, and health and nutrition of your beef enterprise. Select from the tabs at the top of the page to access this month's entire offering by category. A few select features include:

Cow Camp Chatter: Alternatives to supplementation.

Beef Talk: One bad steer spoils the lot.

Boosting Poor-Quality Hay

Baling Cornstalks?

Getting to the Bottom of Open Cows at Preg Checking Time

In the Cattle Markets: The workings of the market.

The Source: Fall marketing, fall calving and getting ready for spring!

News Briefs …

The American Angus Association and its subsidiaries generate a wealth of information to keep members and affiliates informed of what's happening within the industry as well as with the programs and services they offer. Click here for easy access to a summary of recent news and links to the newsrooms of the American Angus Association and Certified Angus Beef LLC and the Angus e-List archive.

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The Angus Cow: She Has No Equal — The American Angus Association invites you to post these videos to your own site and these videos to your own site and show the economic advantages of the Angus cow.

The Angus Report: September 17 — Estate taxes, the NJAA Board meeting and CAB's middle meats promotion.

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