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March 20, 2012

Measuring Feed Efficiency on Grass

GrowSafeNoble Foundation, Growsafe collaborate to better understand feed efficiency in pasture-fed beef cattle.

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation and GrowSafe Systems Ltd. are collaborating to test and leverage GrowSafe's latest technology to better understand feed efficiency in pasture-fed beef cattle and develop tools for sustainably improving production of grazing livestock.

"More efficient cattle production is essential," said Billy Cook, director of the Noble Foundation's Agricultural Division. "Efficient livestock production maximizes natural resources, supports the producer's bottom line and keeps food costs manageable for the consumer."

U.S. cattlemen raise 20% of the world's beef with only 7% of the world's cattle, according to a study conducted by Jude Capper and recently published in the Journal of Animal Science.

"However, as the population increases, so does the demand for protein-rich beef," Cook said. "As efficient as cattlemen in the United States have been during the past 30 years, we want to continue and even improve on these efficient practices. We want to provide them new tools to better utilize the resources they have, and we will do it for grazing animals — an area overlooked in the field of feed efficiency improvement."

Through the last decade, GrowSafe pioneered the development of a trough-based feed system with special sensors that continually monitor how much an animal eats in a production environment. The GrowSafe Feed Intake System consists of feed "bunks" that recognize individual animals and accurately measure the feed that particular animal consumes. When an animal enters a bunk, the feed intake system monitors that animal through an electronic RFID ear tag, then relays volumes of data back to a central computer.

A second GrowSafe system, GrowSafe Beef®, records the animal's water intake and weight. As each animal approaches the water trough, it steps on a scale that captures its front-end weight. Front-end body weight is highly correlated to actual body weight. The system also concurrently collects the water consumption information of that animal. For the pasture-based research, the Noble Foundation will use the GrowSafe Beef water intake systems; however, the Noble Foundation is a research site using both GrowSafe measurement and data acquisition systems.

The Noble Foundation's Agricultural Division, with GrowSafe researchers and technicians, will be collecting and correlating data to develop practical livestock management and production tools.

"Our systems are collecting data every second of the day. There are nuggets of gold in this data, but there is also a great deal of noise," said Alison Sunstrum, who co-owns the company with founder and primary inventor, Camiel Huisma. "We need people who can help us mine the data and focus research with practical application. The Noble Foundation was a logical fit. They bring all the pieces together — a highly knowledgeable operations group and research geared toward the farmer, stewarding natural resources and improving pasture-based beef production."

In late January, GrowSafe Beef systems were installed on small-grains pasture where weight gain from grazing, not delivered feed, is being measured. Researchers will now be able to get multiple readings on weight gain from grazing.

"This is the next generation of beef cattle research," Cook said. "This should allow us to address beef production and pasture management issues that previously were impossible or impractical to tackle."

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