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Terry Cotton
Terry Cotton

Association Perspective

Origins and opportunities.

What a time it has been for me! April 30 was my last day as general manager of Angus Productions Inc. (API), the for-profit subsidiary of the American Angus Association that publishes the magazines and provides marketing outlets to its members. I have held that position since 1986 and, boy, have we been through many changes — both within the walls of the Angus Association and, more importantly, within the commercial Angus business.

The Angus Beef Bulletin paper copy opened up its pages to advertising back in 1989. It showcased Angus breeders and their breeding programs for you, the commercial producer. The expected progeny difference (EPD) system was in its infancy, with mainly milk and birth weight EPDs. You embraced them, and now it has evolved into the industry’s most comprehensive database for beef production.

The Bulletin currently mails five times per year to more than 65,000 producers who utilize Angus genetics. The Angus Beef Bulletin has sold more Angus bulls and provided production information, marketing options and trends to keep you the most informed in the industry.

Many of you have more options and grids to sell your cattle into to maximize your profitability. You have transitioned selling your calves from the traditional local sale barn to video and television. The Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand has contributed greatly, adding value to your Angus-sired calves, as well.

The Angus Beef Bulletin will continue in its print form. However, a few years ago, staff felt it was important to increase the amount of information the Association conveyed to commercial producers. The digital version of the Bulletin was developed, and the Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA was born. It allows us to communicate with you on a more frequent basis with all the new, innovative concepts coming out of Saint Joseph and the beef industry at large. With the industry in constant motion, we want to continue to provide you unlimited access to the information you need.

My time is not done yet here at Angus; I will continue to travel to sales, but I will spend the majority of my time in California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. My main focus will be to visit and open additional doors to commercial cattlemen in the West. I am so looking forward to this new endeavor, meeting new producers and continuing the Angus message.

I am leaving Saint Joseph, Mo., and Angus communications in very good hands (see story here). Eric Grant will assume the role of president and general manager, and the editorial staff that you have depended on during the past several years is still in place.

Thank you for my time to serve you, and if ever you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call on any of us. It has been a wonderful trip, and I eagerly look to my new adventure.

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