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Randy Blach

Domestic Beef Demand

As national beef month approaches, it is important to understand domestic beef demand.

Beef quality, consumer incomes, attention to beef in health articles in medical journals and the general media, and shifts in race composition of the U.S. population are key determinants affecting beef demand in the long term.

So concludes a newly released study commissioned by the Beef Checkoff Program called “Assessing Beef Demand Determinants.” The study summarizes the current knowledge of consumer demand for beef and identifies the best opportunities for the industry to influence demand positively. Read more.

In the Cattle Markets

A need for some spring optimism.

For the past three weeks the cattle markets have shown that they are not immune from concerns over trade disputes and the general volatility that has taken over in the equity markets. Cattle markets moved down sharply; however, they have possibly turned a short-term corner higher.

It is unlikely that trade issues are responsible for the dramatic market softening in March. Rather, many of the underlying fundamentals are different between this year and this time in 2017, and different such that lower prices are to be expected. Read more.

Around the Round

Highly versatile, the beef round rises above the grinder.

Imagine your job is to sell beef as a menu solution, beyond the classic presentations of prime rib, filet mignon, strips and sirloin. Those are known for tender, flavorful and juicy steaks, but also known for hefty price points. Could your job include exploring new cuts and applications from the underutilized round?

It’s not so far-fetched, according to presenters from the Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand at its Foodservice Leaders Summit in Napa, Calif., earlier this year.

The 160 beef marketers from CAB partner foodservice distributors and processors who paid to attend the annual educational summit certainly paid attention. After all, they could pay much less for an “end meat” round than any of the middle meats traditionally adorning customer menus. Top sirloin, often listed at the lowest price there, could make way for a new cut procured for $1 less per pound. Read more.

CAB Grids Pay $75 Million Per Year

20 years of data show CAB premiums still doubling every seven years.

Angus producers can increase supply for the world’s leading premium beef brand in just two years — and still earn 44% more premium dollars for the greater supply. It seems to go against the laws of market economics, but that’s what happened from the start of 2016 through last December.

After a long string of sales records that reached 1.14 billion pounds (lb.) last calendar year, many wondered if Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand premiums would keep fostering profitability for producers.

A biennial survey of licensed packers, including Cargill, JBS-USA, National and Tyson backs up the brand’s trademark, The brand that pays. Read more.

Katy Holdener

The Source

American Angus Association hired Christopher Engel to lead new Angus Association feeder-calf program.

The American Angus Association announces the hiring of New Jersey native Christopher Engel as the director of Angus Link™, the new Association feeder-cattle program, which is set to be unveiled this summer. Read more.

Montana Logger Encourages Ag Advocacy

Dedicate one hour a week to activism, says ag advocate.

Imagine how you might feel when your daughter’s prom date is standing on the porch and you’re about to meet him for the first time. Perhaps you’ve heard — or imagined — some not-so-flattering stories about this individual. You want him to answer your questions before he takes your daughter to the prom.

That’s the scenario Bruce Vincent asked attendees to consider during the Emerging Leaders Luncheon hosted at the 2018 Cattle Industry Convention in February. However, in his scenario, the agricultural industry is the boy on the porch, and the consumer is the parent at the door with questions they want answered. Read more.

BBQ Demands Quality Beef

Joe and Jay Riscky, four generations into the BBQ business in Texas, say starting with quality product makes all the difference.

Angus Calendar

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