October 26, 2018 | Vol. 11 : No. 10

Association Perspective

The benefits of dual enrollment in AngusSource and Angus Link.

During the last few months, various colleagues of mine have used the Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA to highlight changes and additions to the commercial programs within the American Angus Association. In June, Kurt Kangas, Association regional manager, and in July, Clint Mefford, Association director of communications, discussed the four new process-verified programs (PVPs) available through AngusSource®.

In August, Shauna Hermel, Angus Beef Bulletin editor, shed some light on the Association’s new feeder-cattle program known as Angus LinkSM. Then in the September Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA, Drew Feller, Association regional manager, gave his perspective on utilizing Angus Link and how to develop a marketing plan ahead of time. The articles were very informative and timely.

This month I wanted to point out how Angus Link and AngusSource will coexist, as well as the advantages to potentially using both programs.

First, AngusSource is here to stay; and it is now complemented by its brother, Angus Link. From previous Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA articles, you should have gathered that AngusSource has made the transition to providing age and source verification without the genetic component, and it has added four other PVP options — Non-hormone Treated (NHTC), NeverEver3 (NE3), Cattle Care & Handling, and Calf Management.

With the removal of a genetic component to AngusSource, producers can now turn to Angus Link as a complementary program. As an Association, we saw a need to more accurately predict the genetic potential of Angus-sired feeder cattle, resulting in the creation of Angus Link.

With the addition of Angus Link, I have fielded questions regarding the type of tags that will be utilized going forward. As you start to think about enrolling in Angus Link and/or AngusSource, it is important to be aware of the type of tags available. AngusSource will continue using 840-coded radio frequency identification (RFID) program-compliant tags. Feeders and packers have noted that RFID tags are more useful than visual tags. Angus Link-enrolled cattle, on the other hand, will be given neon-green tamper-evident visual tags.

Participants who plan to dual-enroll in AngusSource and Angus Link will receive special combination pricing at $7.50 per head, and the $80 enrollment fee will be waived. Dual-enrolled calves will receive an RFID and a visual tag matched pair set. The chart below details the cost per tag, both when enrolling in either program separately or together.

Remember, enrollment in Angus Link and AngusSource is more than just an ear tag and a marketing certificate. Give your cattle the proper credentials they deserve to help establish their true value. When you have time, I would encourage you to visit for more details and for information on how to sign up. Enrollment in either program is easy. Also, contact your regional manager or call staff within Angus Link or AngusSource with any questions. We are here to help.

Editor’s note: Regional Manager Mark Sims covers Region 13, including the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Click here to find the regional manager for your state.