November 23, 2020 | Vol. 13 : No. 11

The future of AAA

Association Moves Forward in 2020

Challenges, success define fiscal year for the Association and its entities.

The American Angus Association posted a strong year for fiscal 2020. It was the sixth consecutive year with more than 300,000 animals registered, and members transferred 142,651 head. Regular and junior membership totaled 25,000, and Montana topped the list with the highest number of animals registered at 34,113 for the fiscal year that closed Sept. 30.

“Without question, this year was loaded with uncertainty and change,” says Mark McCully, American Angus Association CEO.

Common Ground

Driving our future.

Regardless of your affinity for strategic planning, I think most would agree that clearly defined objectives are important for any successful business or organization. As we look strategically at our ever-changing industry, the Board of Directors of the American Angus Association recently adopted five long-range objectives to increase focus and provide more clarity to our organizational priorities.

Angus Entities Keep Moving Forward

Entities overcame 2020 challenges, look forward with continued focus on members and customers.

There is no question that 2020 has had its share of curveballs, but the ability to pivot has uncovered silver linings in the Angus business. The four leaders of the American Angus Association entities sat down with Association CEO Mark McCully at the 2020 Angus Convention to discuss how each entity handled those curveballs and how they are keeping their eye on the future.

Angus Internship Applications Now Open

Four hands-on internship opportunities are available to college students.

In agriculture, learning by doing has proven to be the best form of experience. Applications are now open for college-age students to apply for the American Angus Association, Angus Journal and Angus Genetics Inc. 2021 summer internships. These 10-week internship programs provide a unique hands-on experience that will both challenge and instill confidence both professionally and personally.