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Richard Dyar

Richard Dyar

Association Perspective

Just ask.

As suppliers of genetics (bulls) to commercial cattlemen, we at the American Angus Association and our membership of registered-Angus breeders realize and accept the responsibility and opportunity this relationship provides.

When addressing commercial cattlemen, I encourage them to ask their Angus genetic supplier (the Angus breeder) for all the information and genetic needs that they deem important to their individual operation. Then just ask your Angus breeder for recommendations and documentation as to which bulls in their inventory meet your needs. Angus breeders work hard to collect individual birth weights, weaning weights, yearling weights, breeding records, ultrasound, DNA analysis and more to provide this information to their commercial customers.

As bull buyers, just ask for this information. Angus breeders are happy to provide this information in the form of expected progeny differences (EPDs), dollar values ($Values) and individual bull performance to assist you with interpretation of these data.

At the American Angus Association, we are continually working to improve the analysis and presentation of all the data Angus breeders submit. This is done to assist you, our commercial partner, to make better genetic selections.

American Angus Association updates performance pedigrees weekly. You can update the data on currently owned Angus bulls by going to Go to Animal Search, type in the registration number of your bulls, click search and update performance evaluation on currently owned bulls. This will assist you prior to turn out or in making future bull selections.

If you have any questions about any programs or services provided by the American Angus Association, just ask!
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Editor's Note: Regional Manager Richard Dyar covers Region 3, including the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Click here to find the regional manager for your state.



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