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January 2015
Replacement Rationales
Heifer selection and development for the long haul.

State of the Angus Business
The industry’s largest beef cattle breed surpasses records and continues to lead the marketplace.

An Angus Homecoming
The American Angus Association welcomed visitors Nov. 3 in Saint Joseph, Mo.

Angus Foundation Supporters Light the Way
The Angus Foundation hosted its 2014 Supporter Recognition Event Nov. 3 at the Hilton Hotel Kansas City Airport in conjunction with the first-ever Angus Means Business National Convention & Trade Show.

Leading the Business Breed
The American Angus Association elects new Board members, officers.

Practical Tips on Succession Planning
Business workshops at Angus Means Business National Convention & Trade Show share estate planning and employee engagement strategies.

Set Employees Up for Success
“A manager’s job is to create an environment in which people want to excel and then provide the tools, training and freedom to do it."

Opportunity is Everywhere
Find your market and be the best.

GE-EPDs Best Measure
Combining all the information that’s known on an animal for a particular trait, the genomically enhanced expected progeny difference provides most comprehensive look at an animal’s genetic merit.

Solid Footing
American Angus Association to start collecting hoof scores to generate expected progeny differences.

Bale Grazing: A Treatment for ‘Barnyard Blues’
Graze cattle and fertilize pastures all winter long.

Rural Matters
There is power in individuals in rural areas working together.

Best Management Practices to Reach CAB® Target
Mark McCully, vice president of supply for Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB), noted some bad news/good news to open the education series on producing for the consumer.

Increase Genetic, Reproductive Returns
Forage is not always a least-cost feed resource, and cow-calf producers must be conscious of matching their cows to their forage resources.

Trichomoniasis: Regulation and Importance
When trichomoniasis gets in the breeding herd, a cow-calf producer could be headed for a wreck.

Extra Feed Needed in Colder Weather
Livestock may need extra feed in colder weather to keep warm.

Grazing For Soil Health
Practices that support healthy livestock also build and maintain healthy soils.

More Forage Sorghum Grown
In recent years, conversion to corn has claimed considerable acreage previously devoted to forage production, and hay yields on remaining acres were severely reduced due to widespread drought.

Healthy and Happy
Reseachers look into improving health through welfare management.

CAB Carcass Weights Edge Higher
Brand adjusts spec to reflect today’s market needs.

Seeking Top Dollar
New program seeks to identify superior cattle before they leave the ranch,
helping producers capture additional value.

Big Goals Require Big Plans
South Dakota couple brings consumer focus back to the ranch.

Steadfast Demand, Sales Growth for CAB
Performance does not waiver in the face of record prices.

Making Genetic Selections to Hit CAB Mark
Selecting for any one trait while ignoring others does not lead to a commercially successful livestock production program.

An Addiction That Pays
First commercially traded Top Dollar Angus calves pay off with $67 per head premium.

Mama Matters
Cow herd care impacts calves and their future calves.

The North American Beef Cow And Heifer Situation
Canada and Mexico have not yet started to feel the short-term cattle numbers squeeze that is associated with the early stages of herd expansion.

A Portrait For the Future
South Dakota family takes steps to ensure ranch is sustainable for generations.

Cattle Industry Convention 2015 Preview
Cattle Industry Convention set to sizzle in San Antonio.

Tell Your Story, and Tell it Often
As a frequent flyer, Trent Loos spends a lot of time in airports. Fascinated by human beings of all stripes, he uses that time to observe people.

Cattlemen’s Boot Camp
Register by March 2 to secure a place at the educational event in Florida March 9-10.

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