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February 2016
The Best Rise From Ashes
Cousins build cow herd and families together.

New Faces at Angus Headquarters
The American Angus Association has a deep commitment to engaging and informing Angus breeders of all types.

Want to Attend AI School?
Future Angus Stockmen, Select Sires to sponsor individual to attend AI school.

Introducing Angus.Media
The new Angus Media website is your ultimate source for news and marketing services.

Stock Show Tradition
At the base of the Rocky Mountains, livestock enthusiasts start the year at the National Western Stock Show.

Cattle Inventory: Telling the new story, retelling the old one
The annual USDA Cattle report contains new numbers on cattle inventories and significant revisions to the 2015 numbers.

Converting Crops to Grass
Transitioning cropland to pastureland in Rolling Plains requires multi-year planning.

Soil Health Breakthrough
UK researchers believe fragipan breakthrough is on horizon.

Mental Shift
Confidence key to making holistic management work on this North Dakota ranch.

Compelling New Crop
Carinata offers potential for crop diversity, livestock feed and jet fuel.

Producer Panel: Cow Feed Efficiency
Three cattlemen share what defines efficiency, profitability within their operations.

Managing Risk
Risk management includes any technique applied for assessing, minimizing or preventing business losses.

Stockmanship & Stewardship
“Stockmanship, to me, is like a highway roundabout,” said Curt Pate, a well-known livestock-handling specialist.

Animal Welfare Research Status
Beef industry notes welfare concerns, works to address.

Sustainability for the Future
JBS executive Cameron Bruett clarifies the buzzword as the capacity to endure.

A Whole-herd Makeover — Cowboy Style
Industry leaders discuss what cattlemen can do to improve the nation’s cow herd in an era of herd expansion.

Calving Season Tips: Energy Management
K-State beef specialist discusses factors of cold stress and how to ensure cattle get the proper dietary energy and nutrients.

Newborn Calf Necessities
Strategies to increase calf survival at birth include more than administering colostrum.

Four Steps to Prepare for On-farm VFD Implementation
Elanco offers tips to prepare for impending VFD implementation.

Farm Bureau Approves Strategic Action Plan for 2016
The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Jan. 29 released highlights of its 2016 strategic action plan, which addresses public policy issues in the coming year.

Outtakes from the AFBF Meeting
Farmers and ranchers learn about business, policy at American Farm Bureau Federation Convention.

Possibilities in Every Opportunity
Young rancher explains how creativity works for the ranch.

Farm Service Agency Loan Options
While creativity and entrepreneurship are essential to thriving on a ranch, young producers still have to deal with the capital necessary to get started.

Ruppert to Lead Regional Team
A sixth-generation cattle rancher and Nebraska native will serve as the American Angus Association director of regional managers.

Beef: The Main Feature
The industry works to take back the front page.

From Hardwood to Hard Winters
North Dakota family uses lifelong lessons to advance their cow herd.

Global Beef Production
Rabobank report analyzes global trade dynamic; finds U.S. at potential disadvantage in the absence of strong agreements.

The Case for Genetic Engineering
One of the most controversial topics in agriculture today is the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Lessons in Feeding
Panelists share 10 lessons learned from feeding cattle.

Control the Feedbunk for Efficient Gain
Feedbunk management can help maximize performance, minimize digestive disorders and improve intake consistency.

Manage for Proper Protein Digestion
Forage digestion and performance depend on protein source.

Consider Grain Coproducts in Feedlot Diets
A viable supplement option, grain coproducts require analysis, feeding considerations.

Maximize Lean Growth with Grain-based Diet
If you want a growing diet that maximizes efficiency throughout the life of your feedlot animals, a grain-based diet is the way to go, says Ohio State University ruminant nutrition professor Francis Fluharty.

Genomic Tools for Balanced Commercial Cows
Live-animal demonstration encourages producers to consider female
selection tools to help them produce the kind of beef consumers prefer.

Evaluating What's Below the Surface
Kent Andersen, associate director of technical services for Zoetis Inc., led an audience-participation evaluation of registered-Angus bulls and heifers.

Things To Know Before You Fly A Small Unmanned Aircraft System
Free UAS resource covers regulations, potential applications and more.

Replacement Heifers
How many should I breed, and what are they worth?

The ‘Formula’ For Success
Leadership guru John Spence shares his tips.

Mentors & Masterminds
For young producers starting out, this business strategist emphasizes the importance of networking.

Cow-calf Producers Need an Appreciation for Depreciation
While many cow-calf producers sang sad songs, lamenting the way calf prices dropped during 2015, cash returns to cow-calf operations were not so sad.

Evaluating and Valuing Cull Beef Cows and Their Carcasses
Not all cull cows end up as hamburger and byproducts.

Fueling the Navy’s Great Green Fleet
First surface combatants deploy using alternative fuel made from waste beef tallow.

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