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September 2015
Reputation In, Reputation Out
Kentucky heifer development pro buys quality, sells quality.

Bigger & Better
Registration, program available for this year’s Angus Means Business National Convention & Trade Show.

Transporter Certification
Pressured by customers, packers call for certification program for cattle transporters. Canadians may offer model.

Protecting Cattle Welfare During Transport
Industry segments weigh in on how to safeguard animal welfare in transit.

Assessing Transportation Stress
Study reveals the causes of stress and injury during transport.

EPDs: Back to Basics
Learn why EPDs are useful to the commercial cattleman.

Top Dollar in Any Marketing Channel
What does a direct sale of 66 mixed-sex feeders in western Missouri have in common with 190 steers selling at a sale barn in eastern Wyoming this spring? Both of the sellers enrolled their cattle in Top Dollar Angus.

Aim Higher Than Low Choice
The rebuilding phase of the cattle cycle represents an opportunity.

Beef demand index shows consumers crave quality
More of the best at higher prices — beef consumers demanded it in 2014,
and they’re still on track through the first quarter of 2015.

Cattle Industry Conference Wraps Up
Cattlemen establish policy direction, adopt long-range plan and set new committee structure at summer conference.

Handle with Care
Right steps can maximize manure value.

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Fall Wonder


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