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Resource for producers across the country who are affected by drought.

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Information about country-of-origin labeling, and what it means for cattlemen.

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April 20, 2010

Montana grazing land

Presidential Initiative to
Conserve Open Spaces

President Obama launches initiative to develop a 21st century strategy for America's great outdoors.

President Barack Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum April 16 establishing the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative to promote and support innovative community-level efforts to conserve outdoor spaces and to reconnect Americans to the outdoors. The President spoke before leaders representing the conservation, farming, ranching, sporting, recreation, forestry, private industry, local parks and academic communities from all 53 states and territories.

The Presidential Memorandum calls on the secretaries of the Interior and of Agriculture, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the chair of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) to lead the Initiative, in coordination with the departments of Defense, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Labor, Transportation, Education and the Office of Management and Budget.

According to USDA, the Initiative will support a 21st century conservation agenda that builds on successes in communities across the country, and will start a national dialogue about conservation that supports the efforts of private citizens and local communities. Read more.

Matt Caldwell

Matt Caldwell

Association Perspective

Position your cattle for premiums.

Spring has sprung and this past winter is in the history books. Now is the time to think about how to capitalize on your winter labors. It is never too early to plan adding value to your calf crop. The American Angus Association® is your one-stop shop for adding value through genetics and marketing.

The AngusSource® and Gateway programs available through the Association will allow you to position your cattle for premiums. According to data collected by Superior Livestock Auction, there is a $2.65-per-hundredweight (cwt.) premium for AngusSource calves. That is a $13.25-per-head premium on 500-pound (lb.) calves with a $1.50-per-head investment if you are enrolling 100 calves. Enrollment also allows you access to the AngusSource/Gateway marketing support. The AngusSource/Gateway online listing site is e-mailed or faxed to 600 buyers weekly at no extra expense to enrollees. Read more.

Keep Up With Association News

'The Angus Report' delivers Angus news in 3 minutes.

The American Angus Association has debuted its first-ever online news program at, offering busy cattlemen and women the opportunity to catch up on important industry issues while learning more about management tools and value-added marketing opportunities.

"This program encapsulates the week's top stories into as short a time frame as possible, squeezing the information ranchers need into the little time they have available," says Eric Grant, Association director of public relations. The weekly web-based news program will cover a variety of topics in a traditional television news format and complements additional resources available at

State Angus associations, publications, breeders and others looking for fresh website content are encouraged to post the program on their websites. Videos will be updated regularly at For information on how to post "The Angus Report" to your website, contact Crystal Young, assistant director of public relations, at 816-383-5100.

Click here to view the inaugural edition.

Click here to view the April 16 edition.

Association Partners With VitaFerm to Offer TV Show

The Association partnered with Vita Ferm, an industry-leading animal nutrition product offered by BioZyme Inc., to sponsor the Vita Ferm Angus Hour on RFD-TV. The hour-long educational program premiered April 12.

The program's first half hour discussed how nutrition plays a critical role in improving health, performance and reproductive efficiency, as well as ensuring quality and consistent products for consumers. Howard Jensen of Vita Ferm and CAB's Larry Corah and Mark McCully fielded questions from the audience during this segment.

The program's second half explored opportunities in age and source verification. Sara Snider of AngusSource®, Bob Sand of The Beef Connection, and Ron Rowan of Beef Northwest answered audience questions during this segment.

Contact Crystal Albers, assistant director of communications and web editor, at 816-383-5100, for future broadcast times.

Your Health

Ticks Are on the Move; Learn How to Avoid Them.

To a tick, you have only one purpose in life: to be its blood meal. Spring begins a tick's search for you or your dog — or a hog or a frog. It's not very choosy when it comes to food. Clemson University insect experts have advice for avoiding becoming the main course for a tick. Read more.

What’s Inside …

In this April edition of the Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA, you'll find valuable articles devoted to the management, marketing, and health and nutrition of your beef enterprise. Select from the tabs at the top of the page to access this month's entire offering by category. A few select features include:

Match Cows to Forage Resources

Five Steps to Fine-Tune Forage Management

Adapt Bulls to Their New Home Slowly

Keeping Rural Veterinarians

Changes to TB Eradication Program

Tips on Using a Nasogastric Tube

In the Markets

The Source: It's Time to Think About Marketing

Record High-Quality Beef Supply

Including Agriculture in Emergency Plans

Workshops bring Kansas producers, veterinarians, emergency managers together.

When it comes to emergency management in the United States, agriculture has been a relative newcomer to the table. But efforts are under way to bring agriculture into emergency plans — right down to the county level.

"Many counties in states across the country have a plan that includes agriculture, but many more don't," said Billy Dictson, who is director of the Office of Biosecurity in the Southwest Border Food Safety and Defense Center at New Mexico State University (NMSU). Speaking at workshops in Wichita and Liberal, Kan., the week of March 22-26, Dictson said, "One of the things that really concerned us was that in 3,000-some counties across the country, most of them are silent on agriculture."

The "Strengthening Community Agrosecurity Planning" (S-CAP) workshops brought agricultural producers, county emergency managers, veterinarians, law enforcement, Extension agents and others together to identify agricultural assets in counties and make sure those assets were addressed in county emergency plans. Read more.

News Briefs …

The American Angus Association and its subsidiaries generate a wealth of information to keep members and affiliates informed of what's happening within the industry as well as with the programs and services they offer. Click here for easy access to a summary of recent news and links to the newsrooms of the American Angus Association and Certified Angus Beef LLC and the Angus e-List archive.

Livestock Contribute 3%, Not 18%

New research shows errors in UN report linking meat to global warming.

New research shows that cutting back on consumption of meat and dairy products will not have a major impact in combating global warming. The research, conducted by University of California-Davis (UC-Davis) animal scientist Frank Mitloehner reveals major flaws in the 2006 United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization report "Livestock's Long Shadow (LLS)," which claimed that meat production was responsible for more greenhouse-gas emissions (GHGs) than the transportation sector.

Mitloehner's report uncovered major inconsistencies in the way LLS calculated emissions from the livestock sector vs. the transportation sector. Read more.

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