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About Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA

The concept for the Angus Beef Bulletin Extra grew from an American Angus Association task force directed at further enhancing the commercial programs efforts of the Association and its subsidiaries and API’s desire to increase the frequency of the Angus Beef Bulletin® to bring you more timely news and information.

Through the Angus Beef Bulletin Extra, API provides subscribers with regular monthly news and features covering the latest in market trends, herd management, health and nutrition, and other industry issues; as well as a calendar of events and insight from Angus experts. The free e-mail news service is available year-round and also features helpful resources and links to web sites devoted to key topics and industry meetings.

Today’s cattle industry is complicated by rising input costs, a fickle marketplace and pressure from outside industry forces. As API’s newest e-mail news service, the Angus Beef Bulletin Extra helps keep you abreast of this rapidly changing environment.

If you have any questions, topic suggestions or comments about this e-mail service, please contact us. The privacy policy is listed below.

We welcome any feedback and thank you for your continued interest.



The following contributors also welcome feedback, comments or questions regarding the Angus Beef Bulletin Extra or other related topics.

American Angus Association

Certified Angus Beef LLC

Steve Suther, industry information director

Angus Beef Bulletin®

Shauna Hermel, Angus Beef Bulletin editor

Ginette Gottswiller, director of commercial programs

Privacy Policy for the Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

The Angus Beef Bulletin Extra is hosted by Angus Productions Inc. (API), owner of the Angus Journal® and Angus Beef Bulletin.® News sent to subscribers will come from material authored by staff of API, the American Angus Association and Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB), as well as state Extension specialists and other experts in the industry.

This is not a discussion group. If a subscriber has information pertinent to this e-mail newsletter, they may submit that information for consideration to the editorial team at

You have the right to unsubscribe at any time. To do so, send an e-mail to: Upon receipt of your request to unsubscribe, we will immediately remove your e-mail address from the list.

We respect the privacy of our subscribers. We will not sell, rent, or loan our subscriber list to third parties for e-mail marketing.

If you have questions or comments regarding the Angus Beef Bulletin Extra privacy policy, please write us at: