February 21, 2024 | Vol. 16 : No. 2-B


CAB Sustainability Award

Despite Mild Winter, Spring May Bring Forage Challenges

In spite of predictions for a warmer and drier spring, ranchers should prepare for potential challenges at spring turnout.

This year’s warmer and drier winter conditions have created certain benefits for ranchers, such as easier winter feeding and simpler maintenance of water supplies. A major benefit of milder conditions is that cold weather stressors on the cow herd are lower, making it easier to meet cattle nutrient requirements.

Gizmos & Gadgets

Shorter intranasal vaccine nozzles.

This month’s column features a shorter intranasal vaccine nozzle, a calf drench specifically designed for newborn calves, a bolus to control horn flies, and a compact wheel loader with a telescoping arm.

Paying Family Members on the Farm or Ranch

Considerations to make before paying a wage or salary to a family member.

For many farm and ranch families, bringing children or grandchildren into the operation is the ultimate goal. Successfully bringing additional family members into the operation may require some creativity, as all parties need to maintain a viable standard of living. This is the first in a series of articles that will highlight ideas and tactics for bringing another family member into the operation.

February 7, 2024 | Vol. 16 : No. 2-A

Cattle Economics: Pasture Rental Rates

How to create a pasture rental agreement.

A common subject last fall centered on pasture rental rates and agreements. There seems to be more focus on the rental rate and less focus on the total agreement. The money side of a rental agreement tends to be the focal point, but the ancillary parts of the agreement are what determine the final rental rate.

Are Your Cows Too Large?

Research suggests large cows are more susceptible to climatic changes.

From the 2012 Ag Census to the 2017 Ag Census, the number of beef farms decreased by 3.9%, but cow numbers slightly increased. The consolidation was from a 5% reduction in small ranches (1-100 cows), but a 6% increase in medium ranches with 100-500 cows and a 1% increase in large ranches with 500 or more cows.

Will Your Bulls Be Ready Come Turnout Time?

When it comes to winter bull care, proper management can avoid heartache.

We all know bulls have a very important job on our operations. We are starting to see some light at the end of the winter tunnel, but many states had some extreme cold this winter. What does that mean for bull fertility? What can you do to make sure your bulls are ready when breeding season starts? In an episode of Angus at Work, our team sat down with veterianarian Jeff Erquiaga to discuss considerations to keep in mind during bull-sale season and beyond.