February 21, 2024 | Vol. 16 : No. 2-B

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Bull Selection

New Census Shows Alarming Loss of Family Farms

Farm Bureau President points to factors leading to decline in acres, operators.

New agriculture census data released by USDA Feb. 13 is cause for concern as the number of farms operating in the United States and the number of farm acres have both fallen significantly. The 2022 Census of Agriculture reports 141,733 fewer farms in 2022 than in 2017. The number of farm acres fell to 880,100,848, a loss of more than 20 million acres from just five years earlier.

From the Field

Bull management tips from three of your Association regional managers.

The search for bulls may be over for 2024. But just because you have secured the next genetic powerhouse for your herd doesn’t mean the work is over.

Winter came, and now what?

With winter often comes a myriad health challenges. Two University of Missouri health experts share wellness strategies for cattlemen and women.

We know you’re thinking about it: Turning the corner from winter into spring. Although warmer days are on the horizon, the effects of weeks of gray, winter days are real. For some, winter weather comes with a particular dose of biological adversity — seasonal affective disorder, appropriately known as SAD. Follow along for a Q&A with University of Missouri psychiatrist Arpit Aggarwal to learn what SAD is and how to combat its symptoms. He also provides tools and techniques to give your mental health a boost to conquer the last remnants of the dark season.

February 7, 2024 | Vol. 16 : No. 2-A

Identifying the Right Bull for Your Operation

Bull selection is not a “one size fits all” proposition.

Whether you are buying out of a live auction or by private treaty, it is critical to assess your own unique operation in order to determine the attributes your next bull needs to add value to the calf crop he will sire. Oklahoma State University Extension Beef Cattle Breeding Specialist Mark Johnson addresses questions received about bull selection.

News & Notes

News from across the country.

This month’s news highlights include efforts to end fake meat labeling practices, a top-indexing bull, dates for upcoming Stockmanship & Stewardship events, policy priorities of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, USDA climate hubs and payment options for farm loans.

Smart Agriculture: Farming in the Digital Age

Mizzou’s new Digital Agriculture Research and Extension Center will enhance research, education and outreach in emerging digital technologies for farming.

Nearly one-third of Missouri's economy is tied to agriculture. That’s why the state’s land-grant institution, the University of Missouri, has launched the Digital Agriculture Research and Extension Center. The center aims to help farmers and other agricultural producers move toward a future of sustainable agriculture by leveraging emerging digital technologies and artificial intelligence for increased agricultural productivity, sustainability and profitability.