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Jerry Cassady

Jerry Cassady

Association Perspective

Continuing education is always important.

Education is the backbone of social and economic development. This applies to today’s beef industry as well, and it is our responsibility as commercial and seedstock producers to keep current with regard to the new ideas, programs and procedures of today’s ever-changing business.

Aristotle once stated, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” That is so true, but how do we stay current with all that is new in today’s era of computerized data collection and recordkeeping, management updates, marketing strategies and even genetic-defect policies? Your American Angus Association is hard at work addressing these issues and providing you the latest, most current information in a variety of formats.

Let’s begin with our print media. Our Angus Beef Bulletin, Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA eZine ( and Angus Journal ( are industry-leading publications that producers across the country look to for information relative to our beef industry. These publications provide the option to search through back issues for specific topics or issues. Plus, there is an incredibly large bank of information at This site houses the topic sites (e.g., beef cow efficiency) and meeting coverage sites (e.g., Range Beef Cow Symposium) compiled by the Angus Journal staff and much more.

In addition, you can also go to your personal computer for the latest, most current updates. Our homepage ( has a wealth of information, including weekly news videos, news releases and a searchable bank of industry articles. Also, be sure to check out the Angus Educational Center, which can be found in the classic site tab.

If more personal interaction is what you are looking for, we offer several options. The Beef Leaders Institute (BLI) is an interactive trip set up for young industry professionals who are looking for more insight into all aspects of our industry. In addition, we provide Angus Boot Camps in different areas of the country that are open to anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of raising beef cattle. Also, our National Angus Conference & Tour (NAC&T, can serve as an educational opportunity in a more relaxed setting.

Finally, never forget to utilize the staff at your American Angus Association and your area regional manager. We are always willing to assist with your questions and needs regarding Angus genetics, programs and procedures in this age of information. Yes, the roots of education may in fact be bitter, but the resulting fruit will be worth the effort.
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Editor's Note: Regional Manager Jerry Cassady covers Region 9, including the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. Click here to find the regional manager for your state.



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