July 19, 2023 | Vol. 15 : No. 7-B

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Ammoniate poor quality roughage

Ammoniation Stretches Hay Supplies During Drought

Simple process improves low-quality forages.

As hay supplies dwindle, University of Missouri Extension agronomist Rusty Lee is showing forage producers how to use a simple, inexpensive treatment to stretch feed supplies during drought. Ammoniation boosts the nutritive value and digestibility of poor-quality hay, cornstalks, wheat straw and other feedstuffs that livestock producers turn to when hay is in short supply, Lee says. The process makes roughages more digestible for cows and horses.

Rod Geppert

Association Perspective

Rod Geppert shares positive outlook in Region 6.

Prices for feeder-calf and yearling cattle have been incredibly good in the region for those who have been fortunate to have feed on hand to keep inventory around to take advantage of the market. … Just the other day, 350 black, 900-lb. calves sold in one group at a local sale barn at $251.75 per hundredweight (cwt.). That will pay some bills, folks.

Montana Stockgrowers File Appeal Against BLM

Replacing cattle with bison on federal grazing allotments has the Western ranching community concerned.

Creating an American Serengeti … Sounds intriguing, right? That is if you don’t consider the 610 million acres of federally owned land across most of the West where the buffalo still roam and the deer and antelope still play as they have for thousands of years as an already existing American Serengeti.

July 6, 2023 | Vol. 15 : No. 7-A

Bring 'em in Slow and Easy

Tips for working cow-calf pairs.

Dylan and Colleen Biggs have been ranching near Hanna, Alta., Canada, for several decades. Early on, Dylan realized the benefits of handling cattle quietly. He learned many techniques from Bud Williams, a cattle-handling expert who spent many years in Alberta teaching low-stress methods for moving and sorting cattle.

News & Notes

Stay current with news from across the country.

This month’s “News & Notes” includes a legal motion to strike down WOTUS rule, the return of the Young Cattlemen’s Conference program, Commercial Cattlemen Scholarship Program winners, a new regional manager for Region 13 and highlights from the 2023 Beef Leaders Institute.

Cool Ideas: K-State Expert Urges Farmers to Follow Safety Tips on Hot Days

Light clothing, cooling vests should be part of safety equipment.

Summer’s hottest days are likely still ahead, but Tawnie Larson knows that “farm and ranch work won’t stop during hot weather.”