July 19, 2023 | Vol. 15 : No. 7-B


International Trade

Markets Affect International Trade

Beef and cattle trade responds to cattle market conditions.

Cattle and beef markets are undergoing a sharp transition in 2023 with ever-tighter cattle numbers, declining beef production and sharply higher cattle and beef prices. These market conditions are expected to affect international trade of U.S. cattle and beef.

Market Closeout

Carcass weights find bottom late.

Fed-cattle carcass weights traditionally find their annual lightest point in the spring of the year. In the past decade, the annual low was realized in May or early June. Yet the latest data indicate that this year’s low was potentially realized the last week in June at 848 lb. for combined steers and heifers.

How Much is Too Much?

Use these calculations to figure what you can afford to pay for cow replacements in 2023.

Cattle prices are up. There’s no doubt about that. Nebraska feeder-cattle prices, for example, have risen significantly during the last four months. Nominally, prices are at or higher than where we were in the 2013-2015 cycle.

July 6, 2023 | Vol. 15 : No. 7-A

New Food Business Center to Support Food Systems in Five-state Region

The Heartland Regional Food Business Center will combine resources from Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Food systems partners from five states are working together on a newly funded grant project from the USDA that will create a resource hub for regional food systems practitioners in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.

The Link

We have a lot to be positive about!

There are a lot of things to be positive about in this industry right now. We have historically tight supplies coupled with unprecedented demand. The value of genetics is growing every day, and the marketplace is becoming better at describing and rewarding value.

In The Cattle Markets

June USDA Cattle on Feed report assessment.

The USDA Cattle on Feed report released June 23 appears to be neutral to bearish — as bearish as anything cattle-related might be this year. Looking at the most important piece of information first, placements were higher than the prior year and were higher than anticipated.